22 Online Jobs For Students In The UK

As a student, there’s little chance you’ll be looking for a full-time job. Web design and development represent an exciting field where your technical and creative abilities are combined. Transform a business’s digital landscape by utilising your coding powers and create visually appealing and highly functional sites. According to this post by Miken Cube, PPC freelancers in the UK charge roughly £30 per hour.

As you grow your reputation and skills, you can easily charge day rates that are far more in line with your skill level. With the increase in digital businesses, companies need written content to improve their marketing and increase their online authority. While you always want to let your personality shine through on your resume, when applying for remote jobs it’s even more important that you tell them a little bit about who you are. Your remote employer may never meet you in person, and it will be important for them to get a sense of who you are so they can decide if you’re a good cultural fit for their company.

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You might be tempted to work an extra hour or two and feed into your personal time. This is especially easy when working from home, so ensure you set paid remote jobs for college students boundaries for yourself and whichever online student job you pursue. Maybe you need a tablet to speed up your workflow or a piece of software.

remote summer jobs for college students

You’re commuting less as mentioned above, but you’re also not forking out a mortgage for a coffee on the way to the office or a pricey high-street lunch on your break. Also, you won’t be needing new work attire, just work in your PJs. Proofreading stands out as one of the best online jobs for students, particularly suited for students with a keen eye for detail. If your English language and communication skills are impeccable, proofreading may be the ideal online job for you.

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As a video captioner, you will be required to transcribe the audio from a video and add captions to them. You may also be required to sync the audio and video and use text to convey sounds too. Since this is more complex than audio transcription, the pay is also higher. Content writers help organizations write blog posts, articles and other content for their audience. As a content writer, you can write about anything from investment funds to the hottest travel destinations.

remote summer jobs for college students

This could include mugs, hoodies, t-shirts, mousepads, and much more. Remote jobs for college students can pay well, be lucrative, and help you get started on the career you have always dreamed of. We live in a time where you can do a lot from within the four walls of your home. You just have to know where to look and what kinds of remote jobs for college students are out there. However, this doesn’t mean college students can’t work remotely.

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